Meet Jenny RN

When Jenny RN mentioned to me this morning that her wallet was stolen, I couldn't help but think.. maybe it was the pink lady at the main desk banging her fists on the counter with her medical bill ironed between her yellow fingers.

The pink lady received this bill and to her knowledge it was not what she was expecting…

 It does not give the hospital staff more reason to believe her by telling us what we already know -odds are you are right; why would you lie about having a large medical bill?

Join the club. Healthcare isn't cheap or free. 

What is this going to prove here, at this hospital? We are a service. We each have our own reasons as to why we perform this service. To keep food on our table. 

We love it.

We need it.

Can't breath without it.

You name it and the BIG secret is we don't know everything. Why they make the prices as they are and/or who is responsible to make them doesn't even cross our mind.

This women was expecting full coverage for something she felt she deserved and she thought she also deserved an explanation from Jenny RN.

Let me step back.

Imagine going to the movies and purchasing a ticket to a children's movie because you are looking for a laugh. At the end of the movie you realized you didn't even chuckle once. You head over to the counter and ask for your money back. You complain that you didn't like the film, it wasn't what you were expecting. You didn't get the response you had hoped for. The gentlemen or women fires back that you payed to see a film - you get what you payed for.

You should always do your research. You should continue to ask yourself why before you let your money go to someone else. Is this worth it? Will I regret it? Have I exhausted all of my other options and is this the best option for me today?

Do I know where my money is going or should I ask for more information before I storm into a hospital and demand an earful, encouraging, sweet with a complimentary drink explanation.

It's getting heated between the cigarette thin pink lady and Jenny RN.

I am standing behind the counter pretending to stare at my book but my eyes are bouncing from the book to the pink lady back to Jenny RN like an endless wheel, going on and on and on..

“This is a service" Jenny tried to explain courteously. “We only perform what you paid us to do.” She said in a hush tone. Trying to bring down the patients voice to whisper. 

“These labs were drawn here, what starts here ends here! Let me speak with the person in charge, NOW!” She said aggressively. 

Jenny RN rubs her neck, I can feel her anxiety. Her cheeks begin to blush lightly around the crown of her nose. I Can't imagine if the person in charge is around so early on a Sunday. She looks over to me and nods sadly in disbelief. I could read from her expression ‘not today’. I graciously nodded back and headed to the exit.

Can't say I would be missing anything new but the last thing you want is an escalation on something that the patient should have already known.

If only pink lady asked first before accepting our services. You don't have to come here there are over +6,200 active U.S. Hospitals..why this one? Because it has the best service? Can we meet halfway and ask all the questions upfront, before Jenny RN starts her job?

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