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We’ve engineered an efficient and environmentally conscious platform that allows you to effortlessly navigate and select individual or comprehensive services below. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our streamlined approach, seamlessly tailoring each service to align harmoniously with your unique project. Experience a professional, green, and exceptionally efficient user journey with us.


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Healthcare solutions

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Healthcare solutions

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Healthcare solutions

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High Quality Medical Supplier

Looking for a reliable and affordable medical supply source

Healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities often prioritize establishing relationships with ArmHug because of the high-quality national distributors we partner with to ensure the safety and efficacy of the medical products they use in patient care.

  • Arm Hug Product Quality

    At ArmHug we ensure that the products we offer meet or exceed industry standards and regulations. This includes the reliability, accuracy, and safety of medical devices and equipment.

  • Arm Hug Regulatory Compliance

    Our reliable medical suppliers comply with relevant health regulations and standards. This may involve obtaining necessary certifications, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and meeting the requirements set by health authorities.

  • Arm Hug Documentation and Traceability

    High-quality medical suppliers maintain comprehensive documentation for their products, including product specifications, testing records, and manufacturing processes. This documentation contributes to traceability and accountability in the supply chain.

  • Arm Hug Reliability and Consistency

    Consistency in product quality and supply is crucial. A reputable medical supplier is reliable in terms of delivering products on time, in the required quantities, and without compromising quality.

  • Arm Hug Customer Support

    Excellent customer support is a hallmark of a high-quality medical supplier. This includes responsive communication, assistance with product inquiries, and effective resolution of issues or concerns.

  • Arm Hug Innovation

    A quality medical supplier often stays abreast of technological advancements and innovations in the medical field. They may offer products with the latest features and improvements, contributing to better patient care.

  • Arm Hug Ethical and Transparent Business Practices

    A trustworthy medical supplier operates with integrity, transparency, and ethical business practices. This includes fair pricing, clear terms and conditions, and honesty in all transactions.

  • Arm Hug Feedback and Reviews

    Positive feedback and reviews from healthcare professionals and institutions can be indicators of a high-quality medical supplier. These testimonials reflect the satisfaction and confidence of customers in the supplier's products and services.

frequently asked questions

Where are the kits made?

The kits are made in Buffalo, NY.

How does kitting work?

First, we schedule an initial meeting with you to learn more about your goals, Second, we build a plan with you for your project.

Can you make kits however I want?

Yes, we ask for all specifications from your project and we bring experts into the meeting to help you build the kit you want.

Can you make medical supply kits?

We specialize in healthcare kits and are recognized for working with experts with over 30+ years of experience.

Can you make kits for nurses?

Yes, we can make kits for nurses.

What kind of kits do you make?

Research Kits, IV kits, Genetic Testing Kits, Medical device kits, IV Hydration Kits

How much does a kit cost?

We work with all budgets and formulate a timeline that works for your kit project


Healthcare solutions