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We’ve engineered an efficient and environmentally conscious platform that allows you to effortlessly navigate and select individual or comprehensive services below. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our streamlined approach, seamlessly tailoring each service to align harmoniously with your unique project. Experience a professional, green, and exceptionally efficient user journey with us.


Healthcare solutions

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Healthcare solutions

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Healthcare solutions

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Healthcare solutions

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Warehouse Storage

Where is the kit inventory?

Warehouse storage is a fundamental component of our modern supply chain management, enabling businesses to maintain sufficient inventory levels, reduce lead times, and meet customer demands in a timely manner.

  • Arm Hug Inventory Management

    Effective inventory management within a warehouse involves organizing, tracking, and optimizing the storage of products.

  • Arm Hug Space Utilization

    Designed to maximize the use of available space efficiently. This may involve using shelves, racks, pallets, and other storage systems to make the best use of vertical and horizontal space.

  • Arm Hug Security

    Effective inventory management within a warehouse involves organizing, tracking, and optimizing the storage of products.

  • Arm Hug Order Fulfillment

    Our warehouses play a critical role in order fulfillment. They are used to store products until they are needed to fulfill customer orders. Efficient warehouse operations contribute to timely and accurate order processing.

  • Arm Hug Logistics and Transportation

    Warehouses are typically linked to transportation networks, allowing for the efficient movement of goods to and from the facility. They may be strategically located near transportation hubs such as ports, airports, or major highways.

frequently asked questions

Where are the kits made?

The kits are made in Buffalo, NY.

How does kitting work?

First, we schedule an initial meeting with you to learn more about your goals, Second, we build a plan with you for your project.

Can you make kits however I want?

Yes, we ask for all specifications from your project and we bring experts into the meeting to help you build the kit you want.

Can you make medical supply kits?

We specialize in healthcare kits and are recognized for working with experts with over 30+ years of experience.

Can you make kits for nurses?

Yes, we can make kits for nurses.

What kind of kits do you make?

Research Kits, IV kits, Genetic Testing Kits, Medical device kits, IV Hydration Kits

How much does a kit cost?

We work with all budgets and formulate a timeline that works for your kit project


Healthcare solutions